A key aim of the DIGSSCORE-facilites is to implement and improve the highest standards of survey methodology.

The Norwegian Citizen Panel (NCP) is based on a probability sample of the general Norwegian population above the age of 18. The panel currently consists of about 6000 active participants. Panel members complete an online questionnaire three times a year of about 15 minutes each. The first round of survey was conducted in November 2013.  

Recruitment was conducted by postal recruitment in November 2013, October 2014 and March 2017. Only invited individuals may participate. At both rounds of recruitment, a national sample of about 25,000 individuals received an invitation to participate in the panel. A lottery on a travel gift card valued 25,000 NOK have been included in each survey round as an incentive. The resulting panel has about 6000 active participants. Each round of survey constitutes a representative cross-section of the Norwegian population.

You can view an example screen of the questionnaire below.

Screenshot of NCP
Example screen of the NCP questionnaire.