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DAY 1: Monday April 24th

Session 1: Chair – Peter Esaiasson 9-12:30.
9: Welcome and intro
9:15: Paper 1

Sergi Pardos-Prado, University of Oxford.

“Tax Progressivity, ethnic diversity, and support for redistribution”

Discussant: Stefan Dahlberg, University of Bergen and University of Gothenburg.


10:00: Paper 2

Sveinung Arnesen, Troy Broderstad, Mikael Johannesson, and Jonas Linde, University of Bergen.

“The Wiggle Room of Democracy: How Turnout, Majority Size, and Outcome Favorability Influence the Legitimacy of Referendums”

Discussant: Mike Tomz, Stanford University.


10:45-11: Coffee Break


11:00: Paper 3

Alexandra Scacco, New York University.

“Can Social Contact Reduce Prejudice and Discrimination? Evidence from a Field Experiment in Nigeria”

Discussant: Johanna Söderström, University of Bergen


11:45: Paper 4

Miquel Pellicer, University College Dublin.

“Efficacy, Blame Attribution, and Protest Scope: Findings from a survey experiment in South Africa”

Discussant: Eva Anduiza, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona.



12:30 Lunch


14-15:30: Keynote lecture

Diana Mutz, U Penn.

"My Country First?  Reconciling Survey and Experimental Findings on Trade Preferences"


Session 2: Chair Jordi Munoz 16-17:30


16:00: Paper 5

Annerose Nisser, University of Konstanz.

“Ethnic Politics and Cross-Ethnic Representation: A Field Experiment”

Discussant: Alexandra Scacco, New York University


16:45: Paper 6

 Dominik Duell, University of Essex.

“Social Identity and the Attribution of Blame”

Discussant: Eric Dickson, New York University.

17:30: End Day 1


20: Workshop Dinner @ Colonialen, Litteraturhuset


Day 2: Tuesday April 25th

Session 3: Chair – Stefan Dahlberg 9-12:30


9:00: Paper 7

Eva Anduiza, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona.

“Turnout and expected turnout in protest events”

Discussant: Ann-Kristin Kölln, Leuven


9:45: Paper 8

Eric Dickson, New York University.

“Profiling in the Lab: How Group Targeting by Law Enforcement Affects Legitimacy and Compliance”

Discussant: Peter Esaiasson, University of Gothenburg


10:30-10:45: Coffee Break


10:45: Paper 9

Lise Bjånesøy, University of Bergen.

“Patterns of legitimacy on the far right”

Discussant: Sergi Pardos-Prado, University of Oxford.


11:30: Paper 10

Ann-Kristin Kölln, KU Leuven.

“Conjoint Experiments on Political Support for Governmental Spending Profiles”

Discussant: Dominik Duell, Essex


12:30: Lunch


Session 4:  Chair – Elisabeth Ivarsflaten 13:30-17:00.


13:30: Paper 11

Steven Finkel and Christian Gineste, University of Pittsburgh.

“Where Terror Lies: Social Desirability and Support for Violent Extremism in the Sahel”

Discussant: Jordi Munoz, University of Barcelona. 


14:15: Paper 12

Honorata Mazepus, Leiden University.

“Normative and Material Arguments of the EU and Russia: What Appeals to Citizens in Eastern European Countries?”

Discussant: Diana Mutz, UPenn


15-15:15: Coffee Break


15:15:  Paper 13

J. Andrew Harris, New York University -- Abu Dhabi.

“Judicial Decisions as Public Goods Provision: An Experiment to Improve Legal Process and Outcomes in Kenya.”

Discussant: Peter Lown, Essex University


16:00: Paper 14

Konstantin Glinitzer, University of Vienna.

“Does social distance decrease support for politicians? Evidence from conjoint experiments in three countries”

Discussant: Mikael Johannesson, University of Bergen.


16:45: Closing remarks


17:00: END Workshop